ISO 19650 Principles of Information Management Series

Principles of Information Management according to ISO19650

Developed by world leading experts in BIM as Building Information Management involved in both the development of the UK and International learning outcomes frameworks, the courses are intended not just to provide a page turner on the ISO 19650 standards themselves, but practical knowledge of the information management framework to improve your project delivery. The […]

Principles of BIM Assessment

Principles of BIM final course assessment. 25 Questions to be completed in a 45 minute period. Please do not take this course unless you have completed all 7 number modules of the Principles of BIM training Course

ISO 19650-2 Requirements and Responses

Overview ISO 19650-2 identifies a series of resources and content required to fulfil the information management processes throughout the eight identified activities. This course introduces the various resources and content and how these are grouped to define the Appointing Party Information requirements and delivery team responses. the course is divided into 4 lessons which include: […]

ISO 19650 Information management functions

Overview This unit provides an overview of the Information Management Functions as outlined in the ISO 19650 Series of information management standards. The course is divided into 5 lessons as follows: Lesson 1 Information Management Parties, This Lesson introduces the Information management parties as identified within the ISO 19650 series Lesson 2 Defining Information Management Functions. An overview […]

ISO 19650-2 Procurement, Planning and Appointment

This course steps you through the first half of the ISO 19650 Activities and explains the associated processes, requirements parties and obligations to facilitate collaborative working using building information modelling (BIM) prior to the commencement of work. The course is divided into 5 Lessons: Lesson 1 Life cycle activities: introduce the activities and the asset […]

Components of the Common Data Environment

The Components of the Common Data Environment course explains the basic principles of the Common Data Environment identified as a requirement for information Management in ISO 19650. Based on the concept developed under the AVANTI process and first incorporated into British Standard 1192:2007 the principles of the concept of the CDE have been proven to […]

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