CATEGORY: ISO 19650 Principles of Information Management Series

Components of the Common Data Environment

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Course Overview

The Components of the Common Data Environment course explains the basic principles of the Common Data
Environment identified as a requirement for information Management in ISO 19650. Based on the concept developed under the AVANTI process and first incorporated into British Standard 1192:2007 the principles of the concept of the CDE have been proven to reduce waste and facilitate the reduction in waste and effort in finding information as well as facilitating trust in the information available. 

In the 2006
Avanti Standards, Methods and Procedure the following quote was provide: 

To change or ‘simplify’ any element
of the procedure – without an understanding of the impact of that change – puts
the improvements at risk, and at best will only maintain the ‘status quo’.”

The CDE is now an integral part of the ISO 19650 process. However many of the simplifications applied have lost that original understanding, The aim of this course is to rectify this understanding to facilitate the improvements necessary to improve the way information is delivered.

The course is broken down into four lesson, which are: 

Information Environments

This lesson provides an overview of the functional sections
of the Common Data Environment as well as the identified gateways;

The Expanded CDE Process

This lessons explains the principles of the expanded Common
Data Environment process;

Nomenclature and Metadata

This lessons explains the implementation requirements of
both nomenclature and metadata; and

Functional Requirements

This lesson provides an overview of the functional
requirements of the Common Data Environment.