CATEGORY: ISO 19650 Principles of Information Management Series

ISO 19650 Information management functions

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview


This unit provides an overview of the Information Management Functions as outlined in the ISO 19650 Series of information management standards. The course is divided into 5 lessons as follows:

Lesson 1 Information Management Parties, This Lesson introduces the Information management parties as identified within the ISO 19650 series

Lesson 2 Defining Information Management Functions. An overview of the information management functions as identified in the ISO 19650 series

Lesson 3 Employer Functions. An overview of the Appointing Party Functions identified for ISO 19650-2.

Lesson 4 Lead Consultant / Contractor Functions. An overview of the Lead appointed party functions identified for ISO 19650-2

Lesson 5 Task Team Functions. An overview of the Appointed party functions as identified in ISO 19650 Part 2