Principles of BIM as Information Management, Seven Course Package + Assessment + Badge*


Principles of BIM as Information Management, incorporating the ISO 19650 series provides access to the 7 Courses and final assessment which make up the series.

No Prerequisites. This course is suitable for everyone who requires an understanding of BIM but should have a design or construction background.
We would recommend that you do the FREE “Basic of BIM” courses to become familiar with the Acronyms and Terminology used.

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Developed by world leading experts in BIM as Building Information Management involved in both the development of the UK and International learning outcomes frameworks, the courses are intended not just to provide a page turner on the ISO 19650 standards themselves, but practical knowledge of the information management framework to improve your project delivery.

The ISO 19650 Principles of Building Information Management course is the second step towards understanding the BIM requirements as identified in the international standard ISO 19650. This course provides a general overview of Building Information Management, the needs and benefits as well as providing an overview of the key terminology and concepts. It then introduces the key concepts which are developed further in the second Delivering Information Management course.