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Approx. 90 minutes eLearning


It is recommended that students complete the BIM Basics Training course prior to taking this course.


Key to collaborative working and interoperability are the open exchange standards, methods and procedures required to facilitate the process. BuildingSMART International has been for decades the home of OPENBIM and this course takes you through the main components of the buildingSMART portfolio.. the course is divided into 6 lessons which include:

Lesson 1 BuildingSMART & Open BIM

This Lesson cover buildingSMART International, the organization, and the components of OpenBIM.

Lesson 2 Industry Foundation Classes (IFCs)

This Lesson cover IFC the core data schema and file format that provides interoperability between authoring tools

Lesson 3 Model View Definitions (MVDs)

This Lesson covers MVDs which provide a standardised approach to filtering information to meet requirements.

Lesson 4 Information Delivery Manuals (IDMs)

This Lesson introduces IDMs a standardised way of defining processes for automation.

Lesson 5 International Framework for Dictionaries (IFD)

This Lesson identifies the standards, methods and procedures required for delivery of structure information.

Lesson 6 BIM Collaboration Format (BCF)

This Lesson covers BCF as an Open standard for communicating comments, issues and clashes.

Course Objectives

  • Describe what buildingSMART is and what it represents;
  • Define OpenBIM and its benefits compared to using proprietary solutions;
  • Express what IFC is, and its benefits;
  • Identify what MVDs are, and their benefits;
  • Express what IDMs are, and their benefits;
  • Identify what the IFD is, and its benefits; and
  • Express what BCF is, and its benefits.
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