Mobilization, Production and Close-out


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Approx. 90 minutes eLearning


It is recommended that students complete the ISO 19650-2 Procurement, Planning and Production course prior to taking this course.


This course steps you through the second half of ISO 19650-2 Activities and explains the associated processes, requirements parties and obligations to facilitate mobilization, collaborative production, information delivery and the close-out activity
The course is divided into 4 Lessons:

Lesson 1 Mobilization

This Lesson looks at the mobilization activities needed prior to the commencement of collaborative working as outlined in ISO 19650 Part 2: 2018

Lesson 2 Collaborative Production

This Lesson looks at Collaborative production of information and the quality processes required to share information as outlined in ISO 19650 Part 2: 2018

Lesson 3 Information Delivery

This Lesson looks at the quality process of information delivery to meet the information management requirements.

Lesson 4 Close out

This Lesson looks at the project close out process, verification and validation of information and the requirements for Post occupancy evaluation.

Course Objectives

The Course objectives identify that at the end of the course you will be able to:
• Identify the tasks associated with mobilization
• Identify the tasks associated with the collaborative production of information;
• Express the key considerations when producing information;
• Identify the key tasks associated with information model delivery; and
• Describe the relationship between verification, validation, authorization and acceptance.

Mobilization, Production and Close-out
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