BIM Level 2 to BIM as ISO 19650

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview


This course explains the development from
the UK BIM Level 2 mandate to the International Standard for Information
Management, IS0 19650. The Course is composed of 4 number Lesson which reflect the development of the UK BIM Level 2 proposals into the ISO 19650 series.

Lesson 1 UK BIM Level 2, This lesson explains the principles of the UK BIM Level 2 development from the HMG Mandate till the launch of ISO 19650

Lesson 2 BIM Acronyms and Terminology, This lesson identifies the International and European Standards that have developed around Building information modelling.

Lesson 3 UK BIM Framework, This lesson explains how the UK BIM Framework has developed and the implications for UK Construction. 

Lesson 4 Measuring BIM Maturity, This lesson introduces further terminology in the form of the ‘BIM maturity levels’ and the multiple definitions available for use.